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Sico Vita. Sico for healthcare.

The company’s commitment in the Health Care: Hospital Services and Home Care for the supply of products and services in hospitals or at patient’s domicile.
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The use of technical food gases instead of air imply many advantages compared to small investments: repeatability, increased storage times, the best presentability and the reduction of waste lead to substantial savings in production costs.
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The use of pure oxygen in the melting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is a proven technology for rotary kilns. Recent developments in the field of ladle preheating and steel reheating furnaces have brought back interest in the pure oxygen technology.
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Welding and Cutting
The use of nitrogen in welding processes in inert environment has always been a debated topic since its introduction, either because of the difficulty of proving the economic return, either because of the high cost in the daily management and systems’ investment.
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In addition to the main applications within the electronics industry for the primary production of semiconductors and for neutralizing and washing the cleanrooms, industrial gases are used in the fields of secondary production in order to produce electronic assemblies.
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Chemical and Pharmaceutical
Many products need to be preserved from contact with moisture and oxygen due to their tendency to form explosive mixtures. The nitrogen, in liquid and/or gaseous form, is the most simple and economical way to meet this need.
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Environment and Ecology
Who has to decide on the type of treatment of gaseous emissions more appropriate to its productive reality, can be easily misled by the multiplicity and variety of system solutions on the market.

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