Sico. Società Italiana Carburo Ossigeno SPA.

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SICO SpA operates in Italy and in some European markets in two distinct areas: in the production, research and commercialization of technical, alimentary, medical and pure gases and in the Home Medical Assistance with the Home Care service .
SICO SpA was founded in the early fifties on the initiative of an Italian family who still owns the company.
Our production capacity puts us among the top five companies on the Italian market and the peculiarity of the market sector in which we operate places us, at European level, as “THE SMALLEST PRODUCERS BETWEEN THE GREAT ONES”.
The passion for this profession and the spirit of sacrifice have always been the elements that characterize the work of the components of the property, but such feelings would not have been sufficient to achieve the good results obtained over the years, if they had not been transmitted to all those who have been working with us at every level.
The continuous effort in innovation, research and expansion of our range of products and services, in addition to the numerous and continuous investments, have allowed us to operate in competition with the major multinational companies.

Sico in Italy
SICO is present throughout the national territory with production, distribution and filling stations network located at strategic locations to better serve the business.
In addition to these centers, there is a network of subsidiaries and affiliated companies, distributors, retailers and agents characterized by working exclusively for SICO.
Thanks to this network of facilities and qualified personnel SICO is able to guarantee its service in any area of the Peninsula, relying on an articulated, but at the same time lean in working and in dealing with the customer structure, structure.
For any question you can contact the nearest operating unit, the central office of Saronno or the e-mail service.
Sico in Europe